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Wystawa Time shadows Terry'ego Chipp'a w galerii Ta3

Zapraszamy na wystawę angielskiego artysty Terry'ego Chipp'a w galerii Ta3!

Time shadows / Terry Chipp

Wernisaż 13 kwietnia 2018 (piątek) godz. 18.00

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Terry Chipp Biography
Terry Chipp is a well established and versatile artist based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. He has a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art and an MA in Art Education. In recent years he has been invited to work and exhibit in the USA, Spain, Macedonia and Montenegro where his paintings are held in public and private collections. Painting mainly with acrylics his subject matter is diverse; from landscapes to figure studies, portraits to abstracts but always considering the question of how we see and respond to the world around us.
Terry has recently opened the CHIPPko.ART Studio/Gallery in Doncaster’s old art college building next to the historic Minster Church in the town centre.
As a Professional Associate of the SAA artists’ organisation Terry writes articles for their ‘Paint’ magazine, has demonstrated on their TV programmes and carries out workshops and demonstrations for art groups across the country.

Time Shadows
In this collection of works Terry Chipp is exploring ways of capturing the passage of time in a painted image.
The rhythms of nature follow annual changes brought by the relationship of the Earth and the Sun which gives us life. Tides and weather, growth and hibernation create the patterns of time by which we live. Whether we perceive time to ‘drag’ or ‘fly by’ there is an intriguing and unstoppable precision to its passing.
In this series of paintings and drawings I attempt to capture passages of time from particular dates and places. We measure time in days, hours, minutes and seconds but these are only markers which time flows through. Time is what happens between the tick and the tock.
The shadows of 3D structures are cast, by sunlight, across the painting surface. A shadow is drawn around and by the time the drawing is finished the shadow has already moved on. The shadow is re-drawn and moves on again. The drawings can be continuous or repeated at regular intervals. Each drawing is a marker, a tick or tock, lost in the mass of lines. But overall there is a sense of drift across the surface which is the flow of time itself.
Each image is a captured record of that unique passage of time on that day in that place.
Terry Chipp

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